Underwood Futbol Club

Spring registration is open!

Posted Jul 5, 2019

We are currently looking for NEST coaches.  If you would like to volunteer sign up under the NEST.  Thank you!


The Underwood Futbol Club was created to inform, encourage, and teach the game of soccer to the youth in the Underwood community. It is always fun to watch kid's develop in the sport as they move on to the next level. We try to encourage as many kids as possible to start soccer at a young age. That is why we started the Eagles NEST program in 2018. This was created to teach the very basic and fundamental skills needed to advance in the sport of soccer. From here kids will be able to move on to the upper divisions with the knowledge needed in the recreational league. We love to see these kids represent the Underwood Futbol Club and know that they will always be competitve against other teams.

We always encourage parents to help their kids learn soccer also. This can be done by volunteering to be a coach at any level. If you are unable to commit your time to coaching, you can help by being involved with practices. Coaching is always free.

If you also would like to be involved with the club or to maybe be a club member, please email underwoodfutbolclub@gmail.com.



Underwood Futbol Club